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Please note that these are attorney's fees only. The client remains responsible for court cost and fees that arise during the representation. 

Legal Service Consultation

Our consultations are virtual. Our 30 minute consultations are $125. Our 1 hour consultations are $250. This fee must be paid at the time the consultation is scheduled. 


Document Drafting

There is no set fee for document drafting because these fees are on a case by case scenario. The fee for your specific document will be discussed during the consultation. 


Simple Divorce

The fee for a Simple Divorce is $1,500.00. 


Hourly Retainer

For all other matters, we require a retainer. Our retainer requires a minimum deposit based on the type of legal matter.  This retainer will be billed at $275.00 an hour. The client is required to replenish the retainer back to the initial deposit if the balance reaches a specificed amount  for continuity  of our representation. 

Get in Touch

Please call or email us if you are trying to replenish your hourly fee retainer. 

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